A One-Day Plant-Based Conference, streamed from wherever you are.

It's your chance to see Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Canadian Cardiologist Dr. Shane Williams.

Live on June 6, 2020 from 9am to 1pm (Mountain Time).

Just the Summit

$ 149 CAD
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell Keynote with Q&A

  • Dr. Shane Williams Keynote with Q&A

  • Movement Exercise Video Break

  • Digital Download of the live event

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Ultimate Bonus Bundle

$199 $ 149 CAD
  • Everything from the Summit

  • Book Reviews with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Shane Williams

  • Interview with Dr. Michael Klaper

  • Interview with Brenda Davis, RD

  • Brenda Davis, RD: Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Diets Summit Talk

  • Connections Documentary with Mike Hart

  • Making Friends with Food: Overcoming Emotional Eating Talk

  • Uniting the Divided Table Talk

  • Getting More Plants on Kids’ Plates Talk

  • Fork Smart's Most Favourite Recipes eBook

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Colin Campbell


T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Discover the books T. Colin Campbell thinks everyone needs to be reading to help make them want to plantify their plate. Benefit from more of Dr. Campbell’s work.

Shane Williams


Dr. Shane Williams, MD, Cardiologist

Learn what Dr. Williams recommends to his thousands of cardiac patients to help them on their whole plant-based journey. Dr. Williams offers an on-line Lunch and Learns here.

Brenda Davis


Brenda Davis, RD

Brenda is in the process of writing her 12 th book. It is entitled, “Nourish” to help parents guide their children to get more plants on their plates. Listen to Brenda’s evidence-based views after helping thousands discover the benefits of eating whole plant-based foods. Learn more about Brenda and her work.

Dr. Michael Klaper


Dr. Michael Klaper, MD

Dr. Michael Klaper, MD, a staff practitioner at True North (supervised water fasting to whole plant-based diet) shares his views on fasting and other lifestyle adaptations when you embrace a whole plant-based lifestyle. Learn more about his work here.

Uniting the Divided Table


Uniting the Divided Table

The Rayapudis share how their practice experience in helping patients get the support they need in the face of living and dining with family members who are hesitant or even down right disagree with eating for health. Visit their website.

Making Friends with Food: Overcoming Emotional Eating


Making Friends with Food: Overcoming Emotional Eating

Do you use food to avoid or distract yourself from those stressful, difficult thoughts and feelings that seem to pop up in your day? Kate addresses the way to become comfortable with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings so you can get on with living a life that matters and be your best self! Kate has over 25 years of counselling experience - connect with her here.

Getting More Plants on Kids’ Plates


Getting More Plants on Kids’ Plates

Jennifer, a mother of two, discusses how she has navigated her way through the many challenges of trying to provide the very best health-enhancing foods on her kids’ plates. Whether it was dealing with child caregivers, school staff or even grandparents, Jennifer shares what has worked for her and just might work for you! Check out her society’s work.

Connections – A Documentary by Mike Hart of Hart Productions


Connections – A Documentary by Mike Hart of Hart Productions

Connections is a compilation of internationally recognized plant-based leaders who presented at past Fork Smart Summits. Let this compelling information motivate you to explore and try on a whole plant-based lifestyle. For those already on the journey toward better health – this will inspire you to keeping moving forward. Learn how this is a win-win-win for ourselves, our environment and animal welfare. Learn more about Mike and his video productions here.

Fork Smart’s Most Favourite Recipes


Fork Smart’s Most Favourite Recipes

Your eyes will say, “Yes” and your stomach with say, “More Please!” These simple, easy-to-make recipe using ingredients found in most grocery stores will be a yummy hit with everyone at your table. They have been repeatedly tested with traditional meat and dairy eaters as well as committed whole plant-based lifestylers! From drinks to sweets there is something for everyone. We gave you our ‘never want to stop having this’ favourites! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Summit will be all remote, accessible from where ever you are using Zoom. It happens on June 6, 2020. You can view the entire schedule here.

Keep an eye out from summit@forksmart.org, we'll be emailing you shortly with next steps.

You will have complete playback forever. Digital downloads may become available at a later point.

Although we will exhaust all options to make sure that our live stream is up and accessible, if for some reason there are technical difficulties (and you are not able to access the summit live due to technical issues on our end), we may adjust the schedule on the day of to account for these issues. In the event there are technical issues, playback will be available post summit.

Unfortunately due to the current global health crisis, the Fork Smart Summit has moved fully online in order to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Definitely! We'll be using Zoom's chat feature as part of the event to gather questions for the Q&As.

Reach out to summit@forksmart.org for more.

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